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How to disassemble Nissan Patrol and other cars sometimes a car needs manual diagnostics to check the problems that can be carried out not only at the place of maintenance and repair of the machines, but also on its own. The list of such actions includes disassembling the entire car for spare parts in order to use them somewhere again or repaired. You can sell some spare parts and collect another vehicle from them (scooter, for example), and also bring them to a normal working form. Timely disassembly of Nissan Y61 Patrol will help to understand the car system and, if required, change auto parts, make repairs or inspection. Dismantling Nissan Patrol. The course of actions for Japanese cars is very important to maintain the correct sequence of repair manipulations, so that then it is the right to collect the entire design of the machine. Do not start work if you only have experience in the repair of domestic cars, since foreign cars can differ significantly in spare parts from our auto industry. The process should start with cleaning the car and its washing: first this is done outside, then the engine and the engine with other spare parts are washed. The phased disassembly of Nissan Patrol of St. Petersburg begins with determining the place where it will occur. The territory for the inspection should be spacious and clean. It is necessary to stock up on a small lifting tap or similar equipment, configure good lighting and take a set of tools (wrench, parts, bolts, etc. D.) that every car mechanic has. Start shooting electronic mechanisms and their components (elements of instruments, wires, pipes), only then you need disassembly of Nissan Patrol in Moscow in detail. Next, remove the motor, starter, disassemble the gearbox and shafts, the instrument panel and the heating system. Check the operability of the alarm and headlights, remove the lighting in the car and put the parts, spare parts on a separate shelf, carefully walk along them with a soft brush. Then carry out the dismantling of the case of the car: disassembling Nissan Y60 Patrol requires accuracy and attentiveness in this regard. Remove the covers from under the hood, trunk and fuel compartment, disassemble the doors of the car and armchairs in the cabin. Do not forget to drain all the fuel and oils, and if the painting is planned, then close the glass with paper or remove them. The final stage is the disconnection of the checkpoint and fasteners on the shock absorbers, the car and wheel frames.